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Welcome to the new, improved!

Real estate is an ever changing industry evolving constantly with changes in everything from economic conditions, government regulations, legal decisions, and most of all, emerging trends in technology. What does not change, however, is the need for solid, local expertise in the field, someone to interpret the general information and bring it 'home' to the local market where it matters to local buyers and sellers.

So I hope you enjoy my new site and are able to learn more about me and the expert services I have provided in our local community for over thirteen years.

I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have!

If you are thinking of selling, I can help you start down the right path. As a local real estate expert with a true grasp on local market conditions, I can develop a pricing strategy that meets with your goals. I can also advise on you the best ways to stage your home to maximize its full potential. I can also manage all the legwork when it comes to marketing your property, coordinating showings and communicating with other REALTORS® and prospective buyers. And when you get your property under contract, that is when my expertise really comes to bear as I work in your best interests to help minimize risk and liability on your part.

Work with a Local Professional

Marketing Your Property

Marketing real estate today requires more than simply placing your property on Zillow and hoping buyers will find it. While internet marketing is important, marketing property is at its heart, a local thing. Any data uploaded to the internet should have a strong basis of local expertise to interpret that data accurately. Therefore, a solid marketing strategy must incorporate a balance of modern on-line methods with traditional techniques for truly effective comprehensive results.

Were you aware that the standard Purchase & Sale Contract used by the majority of the real estate industry is twelve pages long? And if you accept a poorly written offer from a buyer with vague terms and missing elements, your contract could be in jeopardy of being invalid? Did you know that certain verbiage in a contract could also place the transaction at risk? And how will you deal with a counter-offer strategy? And what happens when the buyer begins asking for certain repairs? My knowledge and expertise with contracts and the negotiations are there to protect your best interests because contracts are legally binding and form the foundation of your real estate transaction!

Contract & Liabilities

Finding a Home? Easy, Right?

Buying a home can be a complicated process. Sure, it can be fun to look online clicking on house after house during your break at work or while you sit around in a waiting room. They all look good, right? Those TV shows make it look like all you have to find the right home online and then everything else happens magically. But the fact is, a lot of homes look great on-line but the reality is often not quite up to snuff. If you are not familiar with the local area - maybe the neighborhood is not what you had in mind. Maybe the layout, the view, the feel of the house may be wrong. What is the property needs more work than you want? Finding a home that looks good on line is easy. Finding the right home for you is a bit more involved...

Why Go It Alone?

Interpreting the information on properties you see online can require a little local expertise. Why go it alone? As an expert Buyer's Agent, I can help you identify properties that will suit your needs and even preview them for you so you don't waste your time. I can ensure you get all the pertinent information you need on a property and when you are ready to make an offer, with my knowledge of local market conditions, I can ensure that you never over-pay! Once under contract, I can ensure your best interests are always protected and that your liabilities are limited.

Local Knowledge is Everything

There are advantages to being a local expert because a real estate transaction does not happen in a bubble. Buying real property takes the involvement of a lot of outside people to handle both ordinary and extraordinary things that can come up. As a REALTOR®, we have relationships with our local affiliates, those professionals who are integral to the real estate industry such as closing attorneys, home inspectors, surveyors, insurance experts, home warranty companies, handy men, home improvement contractors, accountants etc. All of these professionals can help make or break your transaction. I can ensure you work with the best and most reliable in our local market.

Search for local properties listed with the official MLS of the Golden Isles Association of REALTORS®. This link is tied in directly to the actual MLS so what you can view property inventory in real-time!

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